Mental Health Awareness Bracelets
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Mental Health Awareness Bracelets Reminder To Stay Strong

May is International Mental Health Awareness month. Many people are wearing green which is the color chosen to represent mental health. Adorn512 creates very simplistic, yet beautiful jewelry. She is giving back 15% proceeds for mental health care with the sale of her bracelets. They are made of gold and silk.

One in seventeen people in America lives with a serious mental illness. There is a stigma around mental illness and these bracelets give a message of hope. They are a beautiful way to remind yourself to stay strong and you are not alone.

The bracelets have morse code that says “Stomp Out Stigma” written in beads. They are handmade by Dana Mitchell. Her company, Adorn512, has been featured in People and Lucky Magazines and was even on the runway at New York Fashion.

Mental Health Awareness Bracelets For Sale

They are such a wonderful way to start conversation when someone comments on your beautiful bracelet. You can speak up and tell them what it stands for and that you support those with depression and other serious mental illnesses.

Adorn512 sells on her own website as well as Etsy, Handmade Amazon, and Open Sky. If you would like to find out how to feature her jewelry in your magazine or store please contact her at 773-505-9321.

Mental Health Awareness Bracelets