Delicate Jewelry Trends 2016

Delicate Jewelry Trend 2016

It might seem silly, but jewelry trends are largely influenced by celebrities. When a very popular celebrity starts wearing a particular style of jewelry, suddenly everyone wants to wear the same style.

Looking at the sort of jewelry many celebrities are wearing now, it seems like 2016 is going to witness a delicate jewelry trend, or at the very least, a delicate necklace trend, or as some people are calling it, a minimalist necklace trend.

What Are Minimalist Necklaces?

Minimalist necklaces, or delicate necklaces, are thin lightweight necklaces. One of the reasons why these have become incredibly popular is because you can layer several of them together. In other words, you can wear any number of them at the same time in order to achieve the perfect look. For example, you could perhaps wear two silver necklaces, along with two gold necklaces and then add a rose gold necklace along with a rose gold pendant.



Affordable Fashion

Rather than only being able to buy one necklace with that two or three hundred dollars you have saved up, now you can buy several new necklaces. Whether you wear them all individually, or whether you wear them all together at the same time, you are still going to look super trendy.

If you search around online you can find some really good bargains, with prices starting at around $30 for a minimalist gold or rose gold necklace. I personally love rose gold jewelry, and I think it looks especially good if you wear it together with regular gold jewelry, or even with silver jewelry. Of course, I’m sure rose gold would look totally awesome if you wore it together with platinum jewelry, but I’m not fortunate enough to own any platinum jewelry. I’m sure even a delicate platinum necklace would cost way more than I can afford.

Another thing which I like about the current delicate jewelry trend is that it is not only restricted to necklaces. People are layering delicate bracelets also, and to be honest, I think it looks spectacular as well.




Name Necklace Trend 2016

Here in this graph you see that name necklaces are a big hit.



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