February 22, 2016


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Morse Code Sister Bracelet

Morse Code Sister Bracelet


Jewelry can be worn for many different reasons. Some view it as a simple way to accessorize and personalize a beautiful outfit. Others wear jewelry pieces because they are tokens of affection such as with wedding or engagement rings. Some may wear jewelry as a way to commemorate specific days such as with birthdays. These are all examples of how jewelry has special meaning for the people who wear it.

morse code sister bracelet


But sometimes jewelry can have a literal meaning. Yes, this is evident when someone wears a nameplate or signature necklace. However, there are times when jewelry has hidden meanings such as with a Morse code bracelet. The meaning is displayed in plain sight, but no one knows what it says except for the purchaser and the recipient. This is because it is written in Morse code. Morse code bracelets are trendy these days because they are not only gorgeous, but they are an excellent way to show your personal sense of creativity.

morse code sister


Morse code jewelry can have just about any type of meaning under the sun. Jewelry makers use Morse code alphabet to spell special words and meanings. They use round and tube shaped beads to create special messages for each Morse code jewelry piece. For example, for the letter “A,” the jeweler uses one round bead and one tube shaped bead. The following spells out “SISTER” in Morse code:


S . . .

I . .

S . . .

T -

E .

R . - .


When this sequence of beads is put on jewelry cording or thread, it has a hidden meaning that spells out “SISTER.”

morse code sister bracelet


A Morse code bracelet is an excellent way to show your sister or BFF how much you love her. These bracelets are very popular because they are dainty, adjustable, beautiful and a perfect way to express your distinct style and personality. A Morse code sister bracelet is customizable. You can choose from an assortment of thread and bead colors, which means that the number of bracelet and word combinations are limitless.


The Morse code sister bracelet shown here can be purchased with bead colors of red, purple, light blue, emerald green, lime, white, gray, yellow, and of course, pink. It is a handmade jewelry piece that is 14k gold filled, and it comes with a silk cord.


A Morse code sister bracelet is great for the girl who likes minimalist jewelry that is cute, classy and petite. Your sister or best girlfriend will love it because it has just enough style without being over the top. Most importantly, it has a hidden meaning that is all your own.

Choose your silk cord:

morse code sister bracelet

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