March 03, 2016


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How To Wear Midi Rings

Midi rings have quickly become one of the most popular trends. Celebrities are wearing them out in public and drawing attention to their hands. They are currently on of the hottest items on the market. But before you just shove a few on your fingers and call it good, you might want to learn how to wear midi rings properly.

midi rings

Midi rings are designed to rest on the finger, just above the lower section of the knuckle. These rings are then placed on several fingers to create a line effect and allow you to make a fashion statement. You can even begin to blend together different shaped on your hands like arrows and spikes. You can even use a unique ring and place it in the center of the midi ring to add a unique design that reinvents the original piece you wore. After all, reinventing the design will ensure that you are always ahead of things in the fashion world.

While looking at how to wear midi rings, consider building layers. This is a favorite among many people who have gotten into the trend, you can layer several different rings in order to add an appearance of length and style to your fingers. This is one of the best ways to go if you want to go beyond the norm with your rings.

midi rings

Just make sure you have designs and styles that really shine through. You want the grouping to make sense when people see it and for them to really look at the end result with awe. Since this is a fashion statement, you want to make sure it delivers on that.

Above all, don’t be afraid to take some chances. Even though you want to learn how to wear midi rings to follow a trend, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a trendsetter. The sooner you learn the basics, you can continue to grow and expand on the trend. Before you know it, you might be inspiring other people to take a similar approach to you and to start to follow your own unique approach to these rings.


midi rings

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