Lucky Elephant Necklace In Gold, Rose Gold, And Silver

Lucky Elephant Necklace



Are you down on luck just now, or are you looking for a really nice yet inexpensive gift for that special person in your life? If you are, then you definitely need to continue reading because I’m going to be talking about a truly adorable littlelucky elephant necklace that you can buy on the Etsy website for around $32 dollars, depending on your choice of material.

lucky elephant necklace


The lucky elephant necklace


The lucky elephant pendant is hand crafted and it is available in three different finishes, so you get to choose between the following:


  • Gold lucky elephant necklace
  • Rose gold lucky elephant necklace
  • Silver lucky elephant necklace


Each little lucky elephant is shipped together with a beautiful matching necklace. These chains are sixteen inches with two-inch extenders. They are really adorable and I seriously recommend taking a look at them on Etsy. The person who makes and sells these also welcomes custom orders so you can ask for your little lucky elephant to be personalized in one way or another. This can be a really nice finishing touch if you are buying one of these to give away as a gift.


It is worth noting though that these are “gold filled” and “rose gold filled” necklaces. Obviously you would pay considerably more than $32 if you were to buy a sold 14k gold necklace. The silver lucky elephant necklace on the other hand is made from sterling silver and cost the same as the yellow gold filled version. Only the rose gold filled one is slightly more expensive at $38, but in my opinion the slightly higher price tag is more than justified because it looks truly awesome.

lucky elephant necklace


Another thing which makes these necklaces so nice is the fact that they are perfect for layering with other minimalist necklaces. Delicate necklaces which are also referred to as minimalist necklaces are hugely popular nowadays. This is largely due to the fact that they seem to be the in thing among celebrities. Open any glossy paged fashion magazine and you are bound to see celebrities and models wearing minimalist necklaces, typically layered with other similar necklaces.


Everyone’s tastes are unique, but I personally think it looks stunning if you wear a few yellow gold necklaces or silver necklaces, accompanied by one or two rose gold necklaces. The darker, richer color of rose gold just has a way of making it stand out beautifully.

rose gold elephant necklace

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