July 15, 2014


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6 Tips For Better Packing


There are two types of people in this world - people who pack a week before they leave for a trip and people who forget about packing until the morning they leave. Whichever way you lean, save yourself time and stress with a few of our tips for easy travel packing. 

1. Don't overload on pants. One pair of jeans can be worn day after day without getting wrinkled or looking dirty. Pants are pretty bulky, so bring a couple more shirts or an extra jacket instead of another pair of pants.

2. Wear your largest, heaviest things on the plane. Instead of filling your carry-on with your largest winter coat, wear it through security and take it off during your flight. You will save tons of precious luggage room and you will never be cold on the plane! 

3. Save money on water. Bring your empty Nalgene and fill it up at a water fountain once you pass security. This prevents you from having to buy overpriced bottled water during your four-hour layover.

4. Exchange in advance. To avoid losing money at the currency exchange counters once you arrive, exchange enough money to at least get you through a couple of days. If you are a AAA member, you can exchange money with no fee before you leave. 

5. Bring easy accessories. Don't bring every statement necklace you own - they will tangle in your bag and you won't ever wear them all. Instead, opt for small, dainty accessories like our Anchor necklace or our Finn infinity necklace, which is perfect for the spirited traveler in everyone.

6. Roll instead of stacking. Clothes, especially pants, should be rolled instead of folded to conserve the most space in your bag.

Packing efficiently sets yourself up for a great trip. If you have everything you need and and prepare to wear lots of layers, you won't find yourself having to buy a winter coat or a cell phone charger on your first day.

What is your best packing tip?

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