Valentin's Gift Guide
Nothing says "I love you" more than heart shaped jewelry! Show that special someone in your life just how much you care with these adorable Valentine's Day themed jewelry pieces:

1. Love Earrings, $20. Single earring comes in gold or silver plated with sterling silver posts. 
2. "Millie" Necklace, $32. A petite, hammered rose gold, gold, or sterling silver heart charm floats on a matching necklace. It can be hand stamped with a single letter or number.
3. "Sweetheart" Necklace, $38. This dainty interlocking heart is 14K rose gold-filled or 14K yellow gold-filled and is a perfect everyday staple.
4. "Love" Necklace, $38. This rose gold, gold, or silver heart necklace is so simple and understated hanging on it's shiny, petite, matching chain. Such a simple and beautiful way to let someone know they are loved!

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