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Best Scents of 2019

Walking into my home creates a sense of calm. I am safe. I am where I belong with the people I love. I am, well, home. Besides the obvious visual and physical cues, the sense that creates this feeling of calm is the smell. It is distinct, and it brings me comfort. Our ability to smell is arguably the most important of the five senses in creating, retaining and reliving a memory. This is why we so frequently find ourselves flashing back to a certain place and time when we get a whiff of a perfume, flower, cookie, or even a candle.

I am personally obsessed with candles, I believe they not only evoke emotion but also create an atmosphere. 

Want to create warmth for a season or a holiday? Burn a candle. 

Want to have a fresh, clean sensation in your home without spending hours and hours scrubbing every nook and cranny? Light a candle. 

Want to experience the indulgence of fresh baked goods without the calories? Burn a candle. 

Candles can satiate any mood, fulfill the desire to relive an experience or create the perfect atmosphere.

This month’s blog is dedicated to our love of candles. We have compiled a shortlist of our favorite scents to help celebrate the season and put you in the holiday spirit. Get ready to grab a match, light a candle and experience anything you desire all with the power of smell.

wine for the holidays


This delightful scent fills your space with the fresh smell of a winter forest. The notes of citrus help create a vibrant sweet undertone while the cedar and fir bring you down to earth ready to relax with a nice glass of merlot in front of a warm fire. Bonus points to Rescued Wine for being a small batch, and hand-poured company based in Truckee, CA. They also help the environment by recycling wine bottles and donating 10% of their annual profits to animal rescue. If that doesn’t help you feel warm and fuzzy for the holidays, I don’t know what will.

Where to buy:

Available in our shop in Downers Grove, IL.

If you aren’t local to us:


Brooklyn Candle Co.

Santorini Escapist Candle

Just because we’re heading into the throws of a long, cold winter doesn’t mean we can’t set aside time to daydream about distant warm beaches. Perhaps warm Mediterranean beaches? Maybe Greece? The images we have all seen of Santorini evoke thoughts of romance and adventure. The smell of fig trees fills the air as you lounge comfortably in a hammock. Dreamy, right? Who doesn’t want to fill a cold winter day with the warmth of the Mediterranean? Even if you’ve never been, the sweet smell of fig and red currant dancing with the sensual smells of sandalwood and amber will transport you temporarily to the beaches of Greece. No need for sunblock, just light the wick, smell, and begin your daydream.

Where to buy:

ADORN512 Boutique Downers Grove, Il

Not local?

Brooklyn Candle Company

Magnolia Candle

Cedar Magnolia

Joanna Gaines always seems to bring a room together. Part of it is good television editing, but let’s hand it to the lady, she has an eye for style and home decor. Apparently she has a nose for candles as well. This candle can help seamlessly bring a holiday event together. When burned it brings the sensation of the crisp transition from fall to winter to life leaving you feeling consumed with the warm thoughts of family and friends gathered for winter festivities. Cedar is a timeless rustic scent and is one of my favorites for this season. My husband is usually pretty particular about candles and smells, but he actually asks me to burn this one as the holidays draw near. Bonus: this candle is sold nationwide and is super affordable!

Where to buy?

Target, any Target. Don’t pretend like you aren’t planning on going there today. You go there every day. Pick one up in the home good section.

Need to avoid Target at all costs? (I know I do, too many impulse purchases)


Vanilla Pumpkin Candle Trader Joes


Vanilla Pumpkin Candle

As a native Californian, I am hard-pressed to find a memory of the holidays that don’t include some aspect of Trader Joes. My grandmother started taking me to Traders when I was 8. She frequently purchased their holiday staples like Hard Pressed Apple Cider. Now an adult, I find myself doing much of my general shopping at Traders, but seasonally I shudder with joy. There are always delightful little treats for any occasion, but the Vanilla Pumpkin candle is otherworldly. It is warm and sweet and inviting. It fills my home with the essence of fall. Please do not be mistaken: I am not a pumpkin spice person. I hate pumpkin pie. I do not get overjoyed at the thought of an overly sweet latte. But I love the balance of spice and sweet vanilla in this candle. It genuinely brings the season to life for me. And if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s in your neck of the woods, I happened upon the fact that Walmart sells this candle online. Everyone can indulge in the joy of a Trader Joe’s staple.

Where to buy:

Trader Joe’s

No Trader Joe’s nearby? Buy it here: