Sparkle With Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

So what is a semi precious gemstone?  There is a wide array of semi precious stones ranging from pearlescent moonstone and opals to the different colors of quartzes and onyx. Gemstones may be found more easily in nature that a precious stone like diamonds. That's what makes them incredibly versatile and easy when adding every day glamour to your outfits. 

Adorn 512 features striking pendant necklaces made with semi precious gemstones, the Charlie Pendant, the Josie Necklace, and the Shirley beaded pendant. These pieces make a statement in their own right but also easily lend themselves to the layering trend.


For chic look, style the Charlie pendant with matching gold jewelry and a sleek black outfit. Pair it with a flowing dress, slouchy boots, and layered bracelets to create a bohemian vibe. Bold, rich colors like green onyx play up browns and taupes worn in fall, and are sure to garner a second look. 

The Josie necklace features a feminine teardrop pendant, gold filled chain, and subtle colored beading. Choose moonstone for a reflective and iridescent look, the perfect upgraded neutral for fall. Black onyx matches everything in your wardrobe. Or, go bold and wear a lighter color for fall to mix it up against the crowd. 


The Shirley necklace is a unique and special piece, especially for fall. This necklace comes in only labradorite, an iridescent gemstone that some believe holds healing and protective properties. The 40" chain is embellished with labradorite beads throughout, and can be double wrapped to create twice as many styles. Match this with a daytime look to stand out, or dress it up at night with velvet and matching gold pieces. Its sure to make people notice. 

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