How to Insert our Bar Hoop or Twist Earrings
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How to Insert our Bar Hoop or Twist Earrings

If you’re wondering how to put in a twist or continuous hoop earring, you’ve come to the right place. For those who love a minimalistic vibe, our Bar Hoop Earrings and Twist Earrings are designed to be dainty, sleek and simple. Yet they can be a little tricky to insert for first-time wearers. Once you learn the simple technique, though, we just know these types of earrings will be on constant rotation, thanks to their sophisticated yet everyday nature. Here’s everything you need to know.


Why are Continuous and Twist Earrings Difficult to Insert into the Ear? 


Traditional post earrings (think studs) usually have a simple design in which the post is straight, and all you have to do is simply push the earring post through your piercing and secure them in place with the butterfly backing. 


On the other hand, twist earrings and continuous hoop earrings (also known as threaders, huggie earrings or hinged earrings) can be more difficult to insert into the ear than other types of earrings because they have a specific design that requires a specific technique to put them in place. With these types of earrings, you’ll need to “thread” the earring into your piercing. 


With a little practice, though, the process will take no effort at all — simply follow these steps for your specific type of earring.

How to Insert a Continuous or Half Hoop Earring.

bar hoop earring

When inserting our Bar Hoop earring, first make note of the unique shape. The post is curved as opposed to straight, so when you insert the earring into the ear, you’ll need to work in a curved motion. To watch a quick tutorial on how to put in your Bar Hoop Earrings and other ways to style them, click here, or follow the easy steps below.

    1. Gently open the curved loop slightly to make insertion easier. Be careful not to bend too much, as you don’t want to bend it out of shape.
    2. Slide the post in with the bar side down
    3. Once inserted, turn until the bar side is up.
    4. Gently pinch back the hoop to its original position, and you’re all set!

When you’re ready to take out the earrings, simply repeat the steps backward.

bar hoop earring on right ear


How to Insert Twist Earrings.

twist threader earring

Similar to the Bar Hoop Earrings, you’ll want to take into consideration the shape of the Twist Earrings when inserting. Know that each pair has a left and a right, and they are designed to twist away from your face. Here’s how to put in twist-style earrings:

    1. First, gently pull about the twist to give your lobe space to fit between the two hoops. 
    2. Thread one in through your piercing (you can do this through the front or the back.
    3. Continue twisting the earring into your ear like threading a key onto a keychain.
    4. Once it’s in, gently push the loops back together to the spacing you like. This creates a unique double-piercing look.

twist earring on left ear

Removal is a similar process to the Bar Hoop Earrings. When you’re ready to take out the earrings, simply repeat the steps backward.

Prefer to see how it’s done? Here’s a quick video on how to insert and remove the twist earring.

No matter if you go for the Bar Hoop or Twist Earrings (or both!), it’s important to be gentle and take your time when inserting an earring to avoid causing any discomfort. Et voilà!

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