Happy Mother's Day
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Thank You Mom

The world around you influences your personal style. What influences you? Instagram? Models? Celebrities? Friends?

For me, the first person that comes to my mind is my mom, then Alison Mosshart, Debby Harry, and Brigitte Bardot. While she isn't a musician, a blogger, or an influencer being paid for her fashion opinions, she had some serious style in her day. With Mother's Day on the horizon, I want to pay homage to the women that have so much unintentional influence in many of our lives.

Mom never knew I would one day rummage through her closet in search of the perfect vintage 70's dress. But lucky for me, she was, and still is, a pack rat (love you, mom!). Not everyone is lucky enough to have a vintage store at their fingertips. My mom has a wealth of beautiful, wonderful pieces from her youth, which just so happened to be one of the strongest eras in women’s fashion.

If you close your eyes, you can almost picture it: It’s the midst of the sexual revolution. Women’s rights are becoming mainstream. For the first time, women were expressing themselves freely. And clothing was one of the ways women were able to do so. Mini skirts, men’s leisure suits, form-fitting dresses, sexually ambiguous clothing...they were all key pieces for women of their day. And my mom? She kept them all. 

Twenty years after my first romp through her closet, I still cherish (and frequently wear!) what once were two of her favorite dresses:

  1. A navy blue polyester cap-sleeve button-down that hits just below the knee. It has peach and pink flowers on the front shoulder caps and a matching attached wrap belt. And:
  2. A black, floor-length strappy v-neck sundress with white micro polka dots pattern, also made from polyester.


Polka Dot Floor-Length Sun Dress   


What can I say? It was the 70s. Polyester was popular. But when I wear either of those dresses, I feel like I’m being transported to another era. Like I can walk in my mother’s shoes, if only for an evening. She gets a kick out of my love of these two garments.

And to top it off, I often accessorize with jewelry I received from my grandma Marylin. Although she isn’t with us, her influence is still an influence on me.

For me, fashion is a part of my identity, and it's very personal. As we grow and age we seek out items that exemplify who we are. Items that make us individual. Items that showcase how we feel on any given day. Items that show the world who we are.

I am grateful my mother helped shape who I am as a woman and an artist, but I am also grateful for how she shaped my ability to express myself through fashion. She has always allowed me to experiment with my clothing (she swears I picked out my own clothes starting at 2 years old!). She never made me feel poorly about the clothing choices I made, and she always let me borrow (and now keep) the things from her closet she once cherished. I wouldn't be the person I am today without her, and I couldn't be happier about it. 

For the moms and daughters (and someday mothers) reading this, know that your influence is important. Your impact will live on for generations. It’s beautiful to know that the things we hold onto are more than material items: they are part of our identity. A piece can become an heirloom that contains a story. Share that story and pass the secret on. A secret of heritage, identity and of love. Who knows how long it can live?

On this Mother’s Day, if you choose to give a piece of jewelry to your mother or daughter, know that the gift is more than a necklace, or ring, or bracelet. You’re gifting a passport for future generations to travel back in time. You’re gifting influence.

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Written by Morgana Gordon | Creative Director ADORN512

Morgana's mom in her hay day and one with her brother Baran and herself as a toddler.