Valentines and Galentines Gifts
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Valentines and Galentines Gifts

Ahhhh. Valentine’s Day. The time of the year when finding the perfect gift seems both important and impossible. Whether you’re shopping for your Valentine or your Galentines, showing your partner(s) in crime that you’re thinking about them is what matters. What better way to do that than with a handmade gift!


Okay, guys. We know. Buying jewelry is hard. But trust us: no matter what you pick, she’ll appreciate the gesture! Here are a few favorite gifts for the lady in your life. 

The Forever Collection features many beautiful options, but a favorite of ours is the Mountain Sunrise necklace. Unique and beautiful, this dainty piece pairs perfectly with your Valentine’s love note. 

The Gemstone Collection offers a bit of sparkle. Check out the Gem Cluster Bar necklace and Squared Gems ring. This dynamic duo is sure to make her smile! 

Glistening from every angle, the Pave Disc Earrings and Pave Bar Necklace pair together for the perfect gift! 


There’s nothing quite like your tribe of women. The ladies who are with you through thick and thin. Show them your love with one of these favorites for all your Galentine’s.

Dainty and meaningful, the BFF Necklace comes in a variety of metals to suit your besties’ tastes perfectly! 

The Love Knot Ring is a simple testament to the bond of sisterhood. Get one for each member of your tribe for a perfect photo during your next ladies’ night out.

A secret among friends is a secret worth keeping. The BFF Morse Code allows you to keep a piece of friendship on you at all times, no matter how far apart you may be. 

Adorably perfect, these Heart Studs are a great gift for all of your gal pals! 

Take a peek at our collection of Valentine’s / Galentine’s Day favorites! CLICK HERE.

Live in or near Downers Grove, IL? Stop by the studio to grab the perfect gift for your gal pal. Below are some of our lead merchandisers' top gift picks to say, “Hey, I appreciate you being in my life friend!”


Luna Reece Pottery- $25 and $30

Luna Reece Pottery- $25 and $30


bottle openers $9

Bottle Openers-$9

Atlantic Folk Flasks $35 black-$30 brass

Atlantic Folk Flasks-$35 black | $30 brass

carter and rose wall planter $34

Carter & Rose Wall Planter-$34

ink + alloy earrings $30

Ink + Alloy Earrings-$30