Why Women Love Gem Stud Earrings and You Should Too!
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Why Women Love Gem Stud Earrings and You Should Too!

Do you own a pair of gem stud earrings that have been there in the drawer for a long time? You love them, but you don't know how to style them? Common! You are probably unsure about the set of earrings and wonder whether it will go with your outfit or will clash with it. But the reality that denies your assumption is that these earrings are pretty simple to style. Just be yourself and carry these simple and elegant earrings with the help of the following tips. 

  • Balance the loud outfit with quiet jewellery

It is the number one rule to balance things between what outfit you are wearing and the accessories. If your clothing is sparkly with loaded ruffles and loud colors, you would want to go effortless with the jewellery. Decide on the outfit color and pick the gem stud earrings of the same color. This can easily add elegance to the style by making it over-the-top. You can carry a sophisticated look complementing your persona from top to bottom. 

Wait, what if the outfit is monochrome? Now overthinking! Simply pair up the outfit with shimmery diamond handmade earrings. The diamond stud earrings perfectly town down any outfit easily. 

  • Add charm to a boring outfit.

If you are a personality who prefers to keep things simple in all her outfits, you need to play a little with jewellery! Common, this won't overdo your look, would it? The appealing gem stud earrings are ideal for adding to any outfit and even more when it comes to adding life to a full outfit. Even if it is a plain black dress, pair it with a dainty gem bar necklace and matching earrings to get the glam. It will add a pinch of color to your outfit. Moreover, wearing a necklace over a dull or solid outfit enhances the beauty of the jewel. If you own a pretty necklace and don't know what to pair it with, go with a plain outfit.  

  • Earrings frame your face.

Trust us on this; earrings can be a perfect accessory to add charm to your natural beauty. For example, gem stud earrings help elongate your face. If you have chubby cheeks, the dangling earrings can be helpful to make them look slimmer. If you have a slim face, go on with chandelier earrings or hoops with gemstones to look amazingly beautiful. See! Gem stud earrings are made to suit all types of facials structures. You shouldn't be still in doubt! 

These earrings also tell a little bit about your personality. Gen stud earrings are available in various types, from modern to chic, casual to contemporary, and lux. To be more precise, you can pick gem stud earrings according to the outfit of the day. Teaming up the earrings with matching accessories such as a gem bar necklace or a lightweight bracelet can add more elegance. Look beautiful, classy and elegant, and mysterious at the same time. Transform yourself into a queen!  

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