Service Fees

For our hand-held pressurized device, we charge $35 for a single piercing or $50 for two. If you opt for two, this can be two piercings in the same ear, or one in each. If two technicians are required, the piercing fee is $75. Please see booking page for more info.

Please note: Jewelry is charged separately from the piercing and prices depend on the jewelry that you choose. Piercing jewelry is sold separately per single earring or as a pair.

Benefits of Device Piercing

- Fast process

- Great choice for those with a phobia of needles

- Efficient for piercing the outer perimeter of the ear


Every piercing needs a little TLC. With these steps, you’ll be on your way to a healthy & healing ear stack.

Always wash your hands before touching your ear

Clean twice a day with our aftercare solution, or anytime your piercing feels irritated

Avoid sleeping on a new piercing if possible

Don’t change your piercing too soon — we recommend waiting a minimum of 8 weeks to change a lobe piercing, 6 months for a cartilage piercing

If and when you’re ready to change your piercing, always use a high-quality earring


Piercing Studio FAQ's

What type of metals do we use? Are they hypoallergenic, nickel and allergen free? +

Yes, all of our metal is hypoallergenic, nickel and allergen free.

We only use the best metals for piercings. 14K solid gold and titanium, “implant grade”which is the safest for ear piercings.

Do I need to book an Appointment? +

We accept walk-ins if there is availability, but to avoid disappointment, we recommend securing a spot. Book your appointment here.

Is the piercing jewelry included in the price? +

The service fee covers only the piercing. This small price covers the expertise of the professional piercer, as well as equipment and sanitizing of the piercing station before and after the appointment. Piercing jewelry is additional.

Is there an age minimum for piercings? +

We start at infants, however a parent or guardian must attend their appointment, have a valid driver's license, and sign a consent form for the piercing and the aftercare steps.

If this is your infant or child's 1st piercing. Use Emla topical cream (a type of lidocaine to help with pain). Use Tylenol for infants (as directed by your physician) and a pacifier, bottle, or nursing is a great option. Consider also bringing a blanket to swaddle and calm the baby. 

Is the hand-pressurized device the same as a machine gun? +

Great question! Our hand-pressurized device is not the same as a piercing gun. A piercing gun is a spring-loaded machine, which can cause damage to tissue when not used properly. With our gentle hand-pressurized device, our expert piercing professionals have full and precise control of the pressure that is applied.

Are certain piercings less painful than others? +

Generally speaking, lobe piercings are less painful and heal quicker than other piercings, typically 6-12 weeks with the right aftercare. That said, pain is often subjective and experienced differently, so we recommend getting the piercing that you want the most — our expert piercers will be with you through every step of the process. 

Can I re-pierce an old piercing? +

Potentially! Our expert piercing professionals will assess your old piercing and determine if it’s OK to make a new piercing. In most cases we can, but it’s best to first check to see if it’s safe to do so.

When can I change my piercing? +

Our expert piercing professional will give you specific advice on the day of your piercing, but it’s best to not change your piercing too soon.

Earlobe piercings can be changed after a minimum of 8 weeks. Cartilage piercings can be changed after a minimum of six months. With any type of piercing, it’s super important to use high-quality jewelry if and when you decide to change the piercing.

What does it mean to downsize your post? +

Better healing starts with better piercing. When you get pierced with us, we use a piercing backing that is longer than a typical butterfly backing. This accommodates swelling during the healing process.

Once your piercing has healed, simply pop into the shop for assistance. We are happy to help you pick out new earrings with a smaller post or check in on your healing process.

Make an appointment, so our trained experts can downsize the correct earrings for you.

Can I purchase a piercing for a friend as a gift? +

Of course you can! We recommend purchasing a gift card in the amount of the service fee: $50 for the hand-pressurized device. (Shop gift cards.)

If you want to give them a head start on their ear stack, you can also add the cost of piercing jewelry. (Shop all piercing jewelry.)

Do you offer piercing parties? +

We do! We offer a discount for parties of 4 or more. Contact our studio at for more details.

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