Pearl perfection: why pearl jewelry is making a comeback
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Pearl perfection: why pearl jewelry is making a comeback

There’s no denying that pearls are having a moment right now. The classic style is growing in popularity once again, helped by high-profile looks from the likes of Harry Styles and Cate Blanchett. We’re so excited about pearl jewelry’s resurgence and we want to help you style our own pearl collection - so read on to learn more! 

Where do pearls come from? 

​​Pearls are natural gems that are produced inside the shells of certain mollusks, particularly oysters and mussels. They’re treasured for their lustrous, iridescent surface, and have been worn as a form of jewelry for millennia thanks to their stunning appearance and durability.

Pearls are most commonly white or cream in color, but they also come in other stunning tones - we use pink, white and green pearls in our collection. 

What is the meaning behind pearl jewelry?

Pearls have been treasured for their beauty and rarity for thousands of years. As a result, pearl jewelry has come to symbolize a variety of meanings. For example:

  • Wisdom and wealth: In ancient China, pearls were believed to be symbols of wisdom and were highly valued for their rarity and beauty. They were also associated with wealth and power, as only the richest members of society could afford to wear them.
  • Love and romance: Pearls are often associated with love and romance, and pearl jewelry is a popular choice for wedding gifts and bridal accessories. 
  • ‘Tears of the Gods’: Historically, pearls have often been associated with gods and religion. In Greek mythology, pearls are said to be the tears of joy shed by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. In Hindu mythology, the god Krishna was said to have offered his daughter a pearl necklace as a symbol of his love on her wedding day.

Today, pearl jewelry is generally acknowledged as a symbol of beauty, elegance, and sophistication. 

When should you wear pearl jewelry?

Pearl jewelry is a classic choice that can be worn for a variety of occasions. Here are some of our tips on when to wear pearl jewelry…

  1. Special events: Pearl jewelry is always a safe bet for special events such as weddings and black-tie affairs. You can opt for classic pieces such as a simple pearl necklace or stud earrings, or choose more intricate designs that feature multiple strands or additional gemstones.
  2. Bridal wear: Pearls are a popular choice for bridal jewelry, as they traditionally symbolize purity, innocence, and beauty. Depending on the wedding dress, brides can keep it simple with a single-strand pearl necklace, or go with a more elaborate design for a dramatic effect.
  3. Family occasions and holidays: Pearls are well-known for being special and sophisticated, making them the perfect accompaniment to family affairs and holidays such as Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pearl jewelry also makes a fantastic gift for your loved ones, so if you need some inspiration take a look at our collection here

Adorn512 pearl collection

We’re huge fans of pearls here at Adorn512, so we’ve poured our love for these natural gems into an entire pearl jewelry collection. Here are some of our stand-out pieces: 

Pearl Studs

Studs that go with everything? We've made them. These earrings feature an all-time classic — lustrous freshwater pearls — paired with gold-filled studs. A slight dangle creates movement and visual interest, whether worn on their own or paired with other movers and shakers, like our Pearl Goldie Hoops.

Pearl Adjustable Necklace

Five lustrous freshwater pearls adorn this beautiful box chain necklace. You'll love sliding the pearls along the necklace, while the chain has a cool slider clasp that allows you to adjust it from 14 to 22 inches to find the perfect length. Wear it long with deep necklines or try a choker-style length with a backless dress — the excess chain will create a beautiful and unexpected drop on the reverse. 

Pearl Chain Bracelet

A joy to wear and behold, our Pearl Chain Bracelet is crafted from a petite 14k gold-filled chain that sits delicately on the wrist. Interspersed throughout the chain is the subtle star of the bracelet: six freshwater pearls that are polished to perfection. Stack it with additional bracelets for a trendy look or let this beauty stand all on its own — it can handle it.

So what are you waiting for? Explore our collection and treat yourself to a timeless classic that will last for years to come.