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Mother's Day

  • Mother's Day Done Right

    Ah, Mother's Day. The chance to show your siblings who reigns victorious when it comes to being the favorite child. Oh yes, and the chance to show your mom just how amazing she is. And she really is, she had to put up with you! Since we're past the days of coupons for one free hug, and flowers ar... View Post
  • Attention: We have one week until Mother's Day. While some of us already have gifts picked out or plans made for the strong, hard-working woman in our life, the rest of us are in panic mode. Cute last-minute flower orders and meetings in the Situation Room. But have no fear - we have compiled a few ideas the mom in your life will love, from hand-stamped necklaces to personalized jewelry.
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  • Rose Gold Jewelry

    Rose gold or pink gold jewelry has gained much popularity over the past few years. So, what is rose gold? It is a warm, pink-toned metal that results when copper is alloyed with yellow gold. Soft and feminine, rose gold is all the rage and is still very much "in" according to celebrity wedding planner 
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