Self-Care, Self-Expression, and Feeling Your Best For Back-To-School!
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Self-Care, Self-Expression, and Feeling Your Best For Back-To-School!

As slow summer days come to a close and the back-to-school frenzy picks up, it’s no secret that many of us feel the pressure of trying to do it all. At Adorn512, we’re a team of mindful folks who believe in finding balance and self-care, and that sentiment is especially true of our founder, Dana. That’s why we’re sharing some of Dana’s favorite tips for self-care this week. (After all, she’s a founder and mother and just recently dropped her daughter off at college!)


Look Good, Feel Good

Dana believes that jewelry is so much more than an accessory; it’s a form of self-care. Deliberately selecting and adorning yourself with a piece of jewelry becomes a small yet potent gesture in nurturing yourself. This act is simple but it’s truly impactful.

Embracing jewelry as a form of self-care is also an excellent way to boost self-confidence during stressful times. Job interviews or those first-day jitters can feel much easier to take on when you feel confident in your style and appearance.


Meet Us On the Mat

If you’ve ever saluted the sun in the morning or flowed through warrior poses after a long day of work, you already know how good yoga can make you feel. And if you haven’t, what better time than now to step onto the mat?

Yoga, a self-care practice, promotes overall well-being through physical postures, controlled breathing, and mindfulness. It helps us reconnect with our bodies and encourages self-acceptance and patience. Amid the daily chaos of BTS or back-to-work, the yoga mat provides solace for reflection and stress relief. By focusing on breath and movement, yoga has the power to help us reduce tension, empower us to understand ourselves better, and find peace in both body and mind.

Major bonus points if you can join an outdoor yoga session this autumn, whether at a beach, in the park, or in your own back garden!

Of course, if you are lucky enough to live in our beautiful neighborhood of Downer’s Grove, IL be sure to hit one of our favorite yoga studios!  We are big fan’s of: CorePower or Yoga by Degrees. One of our employees, is actually a yoga instructor! 


Get Lost in a New World

Ever have a moment when you feel a little tired of the real world? (Dana, too!) That’s why she believes reading is an excellent form of self-care you can do anywhere.

Reading is such a fun way to whisk the imagination away and take a break from reality for a bit. Dive into new adventures, escape into a far-off fantasy world, or cozy up with an old favorite. The very act of reading encourages mindfulness as attention shifts to the written words, fostering a break from stress and worries. The only thing missing? A cozy blanket to snuggle up with and a piping hot cuppa.

(Psst…you can even express your love for language with our personalized Morse Code Bracelets or Necklaces.)


Walk It Out

Is there any better time of year than right now to enjoy long walks? Dana loves early mornings (the crisp air, the quietness, and soon, the leaves changing colors!), but getting in your daily walk is a big plus any time of the day. With each step, your mind syncs up with your breath, creating this zen-like harmony that kicks stress to the curb.

Go for a solo walk if you want to let your mind rest and gain clarity, or call a bestie to join you and fill up your social cup. (You can even make a pitstop for the ultimate friendship bracelet!


Be OK with Saying No

It’s a busy time of year which often means a lot of over-committing. A type of self-care mentioned less often than others is the ability to protect your time and say “no.” This super important act of self-care is standing up for your energy and time when it feels like others are asking too much of you. It might feel a tiny bit uncomfortable or selfish at first, but in truth, it helps you rest and re-energize so that you can show up as your best self later!

We hope Dana’s tips have given you some inspiration to help keep your days as blissful as possible. After all, having go-to self-care routines is like having your very own wellness kit. If you’re keen on exploring more, see Dana’s favorite jewelry pieces here — they’re perfect for celebrating new beginnings and the everyday. Happy back to school and back to work!