Find Your Era with our Taylor-Inspired Quartz Jewelry Collection
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Find Your Era with our Taylor-Inspired Quartz Jewelry Collection

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has taken over our lives, our Instagram feeds and, for the most dedicated of fans, our wallets. As a self-proclaimed Swiftie, I am so happy to see this tour giving Taylor the hype she deserves for being a gifted songwriter, a dedicated performer, and a positive role model who works hard to create a genuine connection with her fans—all 270 million of them and counting.

I was lucky enough to see Taylor live with my daughter during one of her three nights selling out Soldier Field (yes, she really is as astonishing as described, performing for all three hours and only stepping off stage for lightning fast costume changes), and attending the Eras Tour reminded me how brilliant and exciting her Eras truly are. During the concert, Taylor jumped between sets, changing her costumes and her stage presence to match each distinct Era, but she wasn’t the only one dressed to impress. Countless fans sported snake skin, cardigans, pink glitter, cat eyes, and red sunglasses to represent their favorite Eras with pride. It was clear to me that each concertgoer was using their outfit as a means to express their creativity and connect to Taylor’s songwriting in its constant evolution; I found it touching that fans were coming together by expressing their individuality, all through the power of Taylor’s music.

This personalized aspect of Taylor’s Eras is what inspired Adorn’s new collection. I wanted to create jewelry that captured the beauty and allure of Taylor’s Eras with this Gorgeous array of colored quartz stones. Our six varieties of bracelets & necklaces shimmer with vibrant colors; from red lip classic to lavender haze to key lime green, I have a feeling Taylor would approve of this Bejeweled collection. Now every fan can express their connection to the Eras through these classy, unique pieces.

Feeling vengeful? Try on our Reputation bracelet. Do you find yourself lying awake at Midnight? We’ve got a necklace for that! Adorn512’s Taylor Collection has jewelry for everyone, Swiftie and casual listener alike. So now, the only question is… which Era will you choose?

Keep reading to check out my suggestions for which of our six Eras bracelet/necklace combinations will suit your style best!


Loving Him Was Red

Red (Taylor’s Version)

The Red Era is for listeners who understand the power of emotions to evoke strong memories. Taylor’s lyricism in this album shows us that it’s possible to keep dancing like we’re 22 while remembering a heartbreak All Too Well. Taylor herself describes intense feelings as being the color “Red,” and our pink quartz jewelry perfectly captures the mix of passion and pain that Taylor experienced during this era. The Red Necklace is the ideal piece to wear singing in the car getting lost upstate or on a Wednesday at a café as you watch your love life Begin Again.

Party like it’s 1989

1989 (Taylor’s Version)

The rest of the world may be black and white, but the 1989 bracelets and necklaces are in screaming color. Adorn yourself with our lapis blue and green quartz as you anxiously await the arrival of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)! Wear these pieces as you dance through the streets of the city (perhaps New York?), shake off the haters, and venture Out of the Woods. 1989 is an era that celebrates the freedom of growing up while acknowledging the nostalgia that comes with moving on; just like Taylor, you can live out your Wildest Dreams with these stylish pieces.

Big Reputation


Taylor wrote this album when her reputation had never been worse. Yet, in the death of her reputation, she felt truly alive. Our tourmaline quartz necklace and bracelet represent the many shades of this iconic era: the green snake that the media painted Taylor as, the deep blue that her lover painted golden, and the fire he built to keep her warm, away from the scrutiny of the public eye. Our Reputation pieces are for those searching for something real, away from the drama queens taking swings and the jokers dressing up as kings. And, hey, if they seek out a little revenge in the process, who can blame them? Wear the Gorgeous Reputation bracelet as you ride off in the Getaway Car or clean up bottles with your loved one on New Year’s Day.


It’s a Cruel Summer


Lover is for the true romantics at heart. This album is filled with light pink skies, the rains on Cornelia Street, and golden Daylight. Likewise, our mixed quartz bracelet and necklace are like a rainbow with all of the colors, showing off the Pride of the Lover Era. Tell the world “You Need to Calm Down”and “I promise that you’ll never find another like ME!” with these stunning pieces. You might marry your Lover with Paper Rings, but you don’t have to; with this high-quality quartz jewelry, you can paint your world in the pastels of the Lover House.


Come Back Stronger than a 90s Trend


evermore is, in my opinion, one of Taylor’s most underrated albums, overshadowed by folklore’s critical success. This era is characterized by a woodsy vibe with music that almost makes you feel as if you are a fairy wandering through an enchanted forest. Those searching for a sense of escapism will fall in love with evermore’s cottagecore aesthetic and vivid storytelling. Our peach quartz necklace and bracelet match evermore’s whimsical vibes perfectly. Wear these beautiful pieces while you reminisce on your champagne problems, meet up with Este on a Tuesday night at Olive Garden, or sit on a bench at coney island, harking back to past loves and memories.


Meet Me at Midnight


Taylor’s most recent album encapsulates a feeling that many of us are all too familiar with: the restlessness that comes with a sleepless night, as we lie awake remembering and regretting, imagining our biggest desires and our worst fears. The Midnights era is a good fit for those who see themselves in many different lights. Sometimes they might be the Anti-Hero or Midnight Rain, but other days they feel caught up in a Lavender Haze or the relaxing thought of Karma. The blue stones on our Teal quartz jewelry are reminiscent of these different versions of ourselves we meet at midnight. I promise these pieces will make the whole room shimmer, help you dress for revenge, and at tea time, everyone will agree: your look is fabulously Bejeweled.



I hope this post helps you decide which era is the best fit for you and I can’t wait to see your Eras looks!!

Stay Beautiful,



P.S. Apologies for the overwhelming amount of Taylor Swift puns in this blog post—I had to!!