The Timeless Beauty of Permanent Jewelry
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The Timeless Beauty of Permanent Jewelry

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is jewelry that’s secured in place by welding rather than a traditional clasp. This kind of jewelry - usually a bracelet, necklace or anklet - is different to your typical pieces because you can’t take it on and off as you normally would, it stays there permanently. 

Why do people get permanent jewelry? 

Permanent jewelry is a truly special gift to signify “forever” in any relationship - romantic or otherwise. People often get permanent jewelry to symbolize long-lasting friendships (think updated friendship bracelets!) or to express romantic love (a fun variation on the classic promise ring). 

Many people get permanent jewelry to honor a commitment to themselves. For some, this permanent daily reminder can be a wonderful nod to a big change they have made in their lives, or a meaningful milestone that they want to celebrate. 

Finally, some people get permanent jewelry simply to prevent themselves from losing it! If you’re prone to misplacing your precious jewels (no shame here!) then this could be a smart option for you. 

How is permanent jewelry attached?

Getting your permanent jewelry attached is really quick and simple! Here’s the entire process from start to finish. 

  1. Book your appointment - we like to carve out enough time so that you can relax and make the right decision when it comes to choosing your chain. Each 30-minute time slot is good for 1 - 2 people. (Walk-ins are accepted, but we suggest calling ahead for availability to avoid disappointment!)
  2. Choose your chain - the exciting part! You can choose between four different styles of chain in either yellow or white gold. We also offer a gorgeous range of dainty charms to complement your bracelet. Like the chains, these charms are only of the highest quality since they won't removed.

  1. Find the perfect length - we work with you to make the bracelet either as tight or as loose as you want. It’s totally down to your preference.
  2. It’s time to get welded! This only takes a few seconds and before you know it you can walk out of the store with your new forever piece.

How is permanent jewelry removed? 

Removing permanent jewelry is actually a whole lot simpler than people think. If you decide to part ways with your forever bracelet, it can be easily cut off with a simple pair of scissors. If you change your mind, you can always get it re-welded in the future!

Does getting permanent jewelry hurt? 

Absolutely not! We get it — the idea of having anything “welded” or “zapped” to your body might sound scary, but the process is quick and 100% painless. 

Does permanent jewelry tarnish? 

Not if you get your permanent jewelry at Adorn512. With permanent jewelry that can’t be taken on and off it’s ALL about quality, and we use 14K solid gold because it’s high quality and hypoallergenic. This means it won’t tarnish or discolor skin! 

How much does it cost to get permanent jewelry? 

This depends on which chain you go for and whether you choose any charms. Our prices start at $98 for the Diamond Cut chain. 

Ready to treat yourself to the perfect memento? Book your permanent jewelry appointment now.