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  • Introducing our new hair jewelry!

    Our simple hair jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize your locks. Made from organic and natural materials, these 14k gold filled, brass and copper pieces will be the perfect addition to your jewelry collection.  View Post
  • Glow With Trendy Rose Gold

    Rose gold is hotter than every right now, but what actually makes something rose gold as opposed to the classic "yellow" gold we all know and love? It is just the coloring, the makeup of the metal, or something else entirely? Gold is a very unique metal and the color can change depending on what's added (we've all seen lovely white gold that looks a similar tone to silver jewelry). Silver and copper are added and that's what gives rose gold is unique and beautiful pinky rose glow. Rose gold is super trendy at the moment and also the perfect color to warm up your fall and winter wardrobe.  View Post
  • Sparkle With Semi Precious Gemstone Pendant Necklaces

    So what is a semi precious gemstone?  There is a wide array of semi precious stones ranging from pearlescent moonstone and opals to the different colors of quartzes and onyx. Gemstones may be found more easily in nature that a precious stone like diamonds. That's what makes them incredibly versatile and easy when adding every day glamour to your outfits.  View Post