Hammered Gold Bar Necklaces

Hammered Gold Bar Necklace Personalized



Let’s face it, there is just something incredibly special about gold. If there wasn’t, then it would not be the number one choice in the world for jewelry. I suppose you could argue that there is silver jewelry in the world than what there is gold jewelry, but I would say that is only the case because of the vast difference in prices.


Delicate Jewelry Trending In 2016

Delicate Gold Jewelry Trends 2016


Have you noticed how popular delicate jewelry has suddenly become, and particularly delicate necklaces? When you flip through the pages of some glossy magazines, it seems as though everyone is wearing minimalist necklaces, with many people, including many celebrities, wearing several of these necklaces at the same time.


Quite often you’ll see a celebrity wear three or four plain delicate necklaces, along with one that has some or other type of charm or pendant hang from it. I myself love jewelry which can be personalized, because personalized jewelry is a great gift it.


I also love it when you can clearly see that a piece of jewelry has been hand crafted because in my mind, this add more value to it. A good example of a really nice handmade minimalist necklace can be seen on the Etsy.com website. The one I’m referring to is listed as a “hammered gold bar necklace personalized” and it really looks lovely.



It is not actually made from solid gold, but instead, it is a 14k gold filled necklace, hence the reason why you can pick this little gem up for just $38. All of our gold filled jewelry can last for up to 30 years even if it is worn every day.


The bar is more like a rectangular plate which has been gently hammered to give it that special look. Nonetheless, the necklace and the bar match up perfectly, resulting in a really elegant looking minimalist necklace. It is the sort of necklace that would look just as good layered as it looks when worn on its own.


This style of gold bar necklace is also very popular in celebrity circles, but my guess is that most celebrities will be wearing ones which are made from solid gold. If this style of necklace is good enough for the rich and famous, then it’s good enough for me too.


hammered gold bar necklaces

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