Solid Gold Heart Necklace Pendant

Solid Gold Heart Necklace

This jewelry piece is called the “Teeny Tiny Heart.” It is a beautiful solid gold heart necklace that comes in a length of 16” or 18.” It is handcrafted and designed to suit the woman who likes simple, minimalistic jewelry that is unique.

solid gold heart necklace

It has a heart with a smooth and glossy finish that has a classy, fresh and modern look. A delicate gold link chain goes through the top of the heart, which helps the heart to lay flat on the recipient’s chest. The slot opening for the chain is well made, which means that you don’t have to worry about the charm hanging on for dear life, which is what happens with other necklaces that are cheaply made. The chain is made with quality, which means that it was designed to last.

This solid gold heart pendant is available in many different colors such as solid yellow gold, solid rose gold and solid white gold. Choose any of these colors and you will have a gorgeous piece of jewelry that is not only an attention grabber, but it is also very feminine and dainty. This is a simple piece of jewelry that any woman would like to have in her jewelry collection.

rose gold heart necklace

The Teeny Tiny Heart is a quality piece of jewelry that is handmade in Chicago. You would think that because of its delicate design, quality craftsmanship and exquisite beauty that this solid gold heart necklace would have an exorbitant price tag. However, it sells for just $249.00 plus shipping. That is a very good price for such a beautiful heart necklace.

This item is made to order, but it will ship to you within two to seven days; however, you can choose priority shipping so that your solid gold heart necklace arrives even sooner.

The Teeny Tiny Heart is a handmade heart pendant that has a distinctive quality that makes it a perfect gift for women who like feminine jewelry with a modern touch. It is stylish, gorgeous and affordable. All of these things make this solid gold heart necklace a smart buy.

solid gold heart necklace

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