Gold Karma Circle Necklace

Gold Karma Necklace


Is there really such thing as good karma? Well, it has been said that what goes around comes around. One could say that this is especially true if it comes around in the form of a beautiful gold karma necklace. It is the perfect example of giving and receiving good karma via a circle necklace.

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This “Karma” necklace is a beautiful example of karma going around. It has a 16-inch long chain, and is available with a 2-inch extender, which will give it a total length of 18 inches. The chain connects to a karma circle in two separate spots. This gives the karma necklace a chic look that is different from other necklaces that connect in just one spot.


The karma is available in different materials such as gold fill or sterling silver. There are also different colors such as silver and gold. So recipients can choose from a silver karma necklace or either a gold karma necklace.

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The gold karma necklace is a beautiful necklace that is a perfect gift for the woman who likes feminine jewelry that is dainty, sophisticated and stylish. The necklace is handmade in Chicago by a company called Adorn512. The company prides itself on creating handmade jewelry that is made with quality. Most of the company’s pieces of jewelry are minimalistic, which is like the “Karma” that can be worn everyday with all types of fashions.


The gold karma necklace is not only a beautiful jewelry choice, but it is jewelry with a message. It is a beautiful chain that rests on a simple circle that is gorgeous and simple reminder of how peace and loves continues to flow and make the world a positive place to live and love.

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Never forget that what goes around eventually comes around. This is okay when it comes to karma jewelry that gives off positive energy, inspiration and hope. Hopefully, this beautiful karma necklace will be the perfect gift for your mom, sister, wife, girlfriend, friend or even yourself.


The karma necklace is a good selection to add to an existing jewelry collection because of its beauty and simplicity. It practically goes with everything. With an affordable price of $56, the karma necklace is a wonderful way to put out good karma. You may even get good karma in return.

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